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vehicle model
engine model
injector parts No.
replacement parts No.
Dragon Dongfeng Di11-EDC7 O445120106 O445120310
Komatsu PC200-8 CUMMINS SAA6D107E-1 O0445120059
Bus Cummins ISDe O445120060
Bus Cummins ISBe O445120007
Howo WD615 O445120357
Ruifeng 4DA1-2B1 O445110343 O445110412
truck Cummins ISDe6 O445120123 00986AD1048
Bus Yuchai YC4E O445120110 O445120292
Huatai Santa Fe O445110126 O445110290
Truck Chaochai 4102H-EU3 O445110333 O445110383
Truck Xichai 4DF3 O445120081 O445120331
Rein JAC HFC4DB1-2C-EU4 O445110494
巴士(Bus) Cummins ISLe-EU3 O445120121
Truck Weichai WD10 O445120170 O445120224
Truck Xichai 6DM2 O445120215 O445120394
Truck Weichai WD10 O445120214 O445120213\169\149
Great Wall Great Wall 2.8LTC O445110293 O445110407
(bus)客车 Cummins ISLe-EU3 O445120122 O445120121
Foton Cummins ISF3.8 O445120134
SHINKO 200/230/250/260 Hino JQ5E 095000-6353 095000-6351/2/4/
(Sinotruk)重汽 Hangfa WD615 095000-8100 VG1096080010
Sinotruck Hangfa WD615 095000-6700 VG1540080017A
Isuzu Isuzu 6WF 095000-5511 095000-5510/4/2/3
Ouman Shangchai D6114 095000-6790 095000-6791
Truck Hino PL1C 095000-5214 095000-5210/1/2/3
Sinotruck Hangfa WD615 095000-8011 VG1246080051
Shinko 330-8 Hino JQ8E 095000-6593 095000-6340/6591
Sumitomo 6HK1 4HK1 095000-5471 095000-5470/2/3/4
ISUZU 4HK1  6HK1 095000-8901 095000-8901/2/3/4
Foton Foton Cummins 095000-6723
Changfeng Xinchen 4cyl.2.5L O445110317
Dongfeng Dongfeng 4cyl.H O445120183 O445120242
Dongfeng Dongfeng Dci11MS6.3 O445120084 O445120019
Dongfeng Ouman Cummins O445120289
Dongfeng Ouman Cummins O445120123
Foton Yunnei YN30CR O445110359
Foton Foton 4JB1 2.8L O445110313
Yuejin FAW 4DC2 O445110291
Bus Yuchai YC6G O445120163 O445120331
Bus Yuchai YC6M O445120160
Bus Yuchai YC6L O445120156
Ouman Weichai WP7 WP5 O445120261
Delong Weichai WP12 O445120127
Delong Weichai WP12 O445120086/265
Hongyan SFH engine O445120054
Delong Weichai WP4 O445120150 O445120244
Delong Weichai WP12 O445120227
Jiefang Xichai6DL1/2 O445120078 O445120393
Johndeere O950006501
KOMATSU O950006280
HiNo 700 Truck 700 Hino PL3C O950005223
Isuzu O950000145
Isuzu O950000450 8-94392261-4
ISUZU 4HK1/6HK1 O950006363 8-97609788-2
Howo Sinotruck O445120368
Renault O445110230
MMC-NFZ O445120090
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